Fixes / Changes / Additions /

For Version 1.5.1


Issue Description
FIXD Level-2 Validation failure. XA server side programming change.
FIXD Wiper Switch didn't work.
FIXD Standby airspeed indicator drum was not rotating.
FIXD Floating 3D polygons outboard of the rear doors.
FIXD VRconfig.txt file was missing.
FIXD Weak starter at high density altitudes.
FIXD Engine start too fast after lightoff. SLIGHT improvement implemented. Laminar acknowledged bug. Will revisit after.
FIXD Wing lights were not working,
FIXD Visual texture glitch was underside of left wing
FIXD Taxi light was too dim
FIXD MCP backlighting was too dim
FIXD Right side window heat annunciators were swapped
FIXD Right Turnoff light was missing.
FIXD INVALID ENTRY msg appearing when trying to manually enter V1 on TAKEOFF REF page.
FIXD Pitch up moment change during liftoff and landing was too strong
FIXD Idle fuel flow was too low - fixed for next patch.
FIXD CDU keys were not backlit
FIXD FMC would cause Gizmo crash during VNAV calculation with only 1 waypoint in the route.
FIXD ECAM pie needles were not illuminated at night


CHNG Fuel Crossfeed annunciator annunciator is now more dim with xfeed valve open.


ADDED Four new commands to command the fuel levers 1 & 2 to idle/cutoff. Useful for single button/click action
ADDED Cockpit door defaults to open in turn-around mode.
ADDED Cockpit door occludes light from galley when shut.
ADDED Linked to Default XP Commands (below) to connect/disconnect/toggle the GPU. Helpful in VR