The Gold Standard for Sensory Immersion

It only gets better with X-Plane 12

The Take Command! IXEG 737 ushered in a new level of flight simulation immersion when released in 2016. Its 3D visuals, incredible sounds and flight model feel has won over 1000s of fans over the years. In X-Plane 12, all those immersive elements that made the IXEG feel satisfying and right are even better! Just being in the IXEG cockpit and listening to the sounds, looking at the panel, lighting and gauges, yields a sense of immersion rarely experienced in flight sim products. See for yourself why this classic bird is beloved by so many of its owners.


The systems simulations on the IXEG are rooted in first principles as engineers like to say. This means the system simulations are based on the physics, laws, constraints and behaviors that govern the same systems in real life. For sim pilots, the feedback from these systems simulations are reflected in the instrument and gauge indications you observe to operate the aircraft. See annunciator lights fade out slower than they illuminate. See the flaps deploy slower when using electric pumps vs. engine driven pumps! See lighting fade out slowly as the battery drains. One reason the IXEG is so immersive beyond just the 3D and the sound, is all those indicators: the LEDs, the gauge needle movements, the annunciator light illuminations, are driven by underlying physics models so their behaviors also just seem right. Many IXEG users like to say, "There's just something about the way the IXEG feels". The first-principles system simulations are a large reason why!


The IXEG 737 is the personification of detail! The IXEG team approached the 737 project asking themselves, "What makes things look and sound real?, How do we know something is not real?" This approach led the team to define reality in terms of fidelities in many areas. Geometric fidelity, textural fidelity, tonal fidelity, color fidelity, aural fidelity, dynamic fidelity, photometric fidelity, etc. This approach allowed the team to gauge every element of their work: the 3D, texturing, lighting, animations and sound development against a particular fidelity standard and focus on details in those areas that most affect our perception of the physical world! We all want to feel there and the numerous and subtle execution of details in the IXEG take you as close as any flight sim product can! All you have to do is look!

Flight Model

The IXEG flight model is easily one of the best flight models in all of flight simulation. Its hard to describe until you experience it yourself. The flight model was developed by IXEG team members Morten Melhuus, an engineer, and Jan Vogel, a 737-300 captain (now a 747 captain). Extensive comparisons were done by Jan with the real aircraft performance to ensure that this simulated version feels and flies the same as the real thing. The result speak for itself. Indeed you will find that many many owners enjoy hand-flying approaches and landing in the Classic simply because it feels so natural and is so satisfying!


If you ask many IXEG customers what their first impressions were of the IXEG when they loaded it up for the first time, there is a good chance it will involve the sounds. Sound is so fundamental to our experience of reality, that the IXEG team wrote their own spatial sound engine so they could achieve the aural fidelities they knew were critically important to an immersive experience. To this day, there is no other product that comes close to the IXEG for its famous fly-by jet roar! Truly one of kind and all the other sounds are equally as immersive. If you're experiencing the IXEG for the first time, we bet you'll remember the sounds too! Check out the flyby sound!