IXEG 737 Classic Plus, Version 1.5


  • Will there be cargo variants?

    We cannot say at this time. We do like to accomodate all use cases; however, requests for cargo variants represent a very small minority of the range of requests. We will be doing a higher resolution 3D exterior in the future and may incorporate a cargo variant. We will assess at that time.

  • Will you do a 400/500 variant

    A 400/500 variant is not on the table at this time. They are of physically differing dimensions and would require revised flight models as well as 3D and is a large undertaking.

  • Will you do a fuel/pax manager?

    IXEG have a technical plan going forward that does involve a new infrastructure for our 2D graphics. This will take some time to build, but when done, will allow use to create more flexible 2D user interfaces to interact with various aspects of the simulation.

  • Will you implement holds/progress, and improve the FMS VNAV?

    Yes. Improvements to the FMS is slated to begin this fall of 2023 and will, most likely, go well into 2024.

  • Will you implement passenger and environmental sounds?

    Yes. Once we convert our sounds over to the FMOD sound engine, we will be in a much better position to expand our sound set and incorporate new and more immersive sound situations.